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Need a little light on your path to digital marketing success? We offer personalized consulting services that are as bright as the stars.

Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a seasoned enterprise, our consulting approach is rooted in taking the time to understand your business and your goals and providing you with the strategic insights and actionable advice you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. 


Email Marketing

1-on-1 Coaching/Consulting

Our 1 Hour, 1-on-1 sessions are like guided journeys through the starry expanse of business and marketing. Whether you’re seeking guidance on how to boost your social media engagement or exploring new approaches for attracting customers, we’re here to shed light on these challenges and more. By the end of each session, you’ll leave with an action plan of items, designed to fuel growth opportunities and optimize your existing efforts.

Digital Marketing Audit:

Illuminate the dark corners of your digital presence with our comprehensive digital marketing audit. We’ll take a look at all of your digital marketing efforts, from social media to SEO, and reveal hidden opportunities to help reach your goals. We’ll also give tips and pointers on how to enhance your current efforts.

Website Audit

Your website is your sun, all of your digital efforts rely on the quality of your website. Our comprehensive website audit will scan your website for problems, errors, and places to improve. We’ll offer suggestions for what to do with current content, and where to add more value – all to ensue your website shines as brightly as the stars.

Search Engine Optimization Audit

Looking specifically to increase your organic traffic? Our Search Engine Optimization Audit looks at the structure of your site and your content, and how it’s ranking for your chosen keywords. We’ll then come up with a comprehensive plan on where to improve – that you can do yourself, or hire us to help it shine.

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